Friday, 3 September 2010

Overpopulation, an introduction.

Well it's been long, long overdue, but I finally got a camera and I have been taking pictures of my summer project to finally put online. We had to pick a political/cultural/enviromental issue to illustrate, and after initial research, into several issues I felt passionately about, I realised they all lay under the umbrella of one dark problem, that no one wants to face. Overpopulation of the planet. The media is more then willing to cover climate change, global warming, poverty, depleting resources and war, and yet they fail to tackle the biggest monster of them all, the fact we are breeding far too much. By 2050, experts project an estimated global population of 9.1 billion. To sustain such a population we would need 4 earths worth of resources, unfortunately, we only have one. The population problem is spiralling out of control, with little to help halt it, the figures are scary, and effective action seems impossible, in countries where birthrate is monitered (China) are faced with an ageing population and in developing countries where Religion prevents access to proper family planning, birthrates increase. (Phew, rant over!) But its not all doom and gloom, I'l be posting my research into possible preventions and solutions shortly.

Global warming, needs no introduction, the use of the earths resources to keep up with the demand of an ever increasing population has already begun manifested itself into extreme and unusual weather and floods worldwide, here's a few images I've done so far on the topic....