Monday, 13 December 2010

Snow Queens

New theme alert: snow queens, I took my inspiration from Narnia, and kind of ran with it, these are more ethereal then anything, but I liked the idea of creating images of strong icy women with a bit of a wintry twist. But as always let me know what you think. I'm having to up the speed on wrapping the project up so I may not post much for a while. But this term is now coming to a close, and it has been a challenging one to say the least, for many reasons, but the one thing that's kept me going is how much I've enjoyed the drawings, (and the thought of going home for christmas!) So I hope I'l do them justice when it comes to getting the final thing together. So here's some snowy drawings for the festive season!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Final Tribe

The title of this post is slightly misleading, this is not infact the final collection, I still have a few more images to finish. But this is basically how they will look once their in the book (I might change up the sequence a little) I could have waited till they were all done but I'm at different stages with all the themes so it's difficult to blog up to date with these things. Anyway, as usual please let me know what you think now they've all been colourised (photoshop is getting the better of me!) I would love to hear your thoughts/ suggestions, more posts to come....

Monday, 22 November 2010


My tribal theme seems to be taking on a life of its own, I keep coming up with new ideas so in turn I'm almost neglecting my other themes...oops. But this is most definitely blog month and I have been setting the A3 scanner alight the amount of times I've used it this month, so I'l just keep on updating, here are some more 'Warriors' as I've called them, I had the idea of taking really pretty dresses and drawing them on sword wielding ladies, certainly fashion with an edge, and speaks on some level on female empowerment (and maybe with an unintentional lord of the rings influence) and also I had to include my discovery of Marchesa's most recent collection, it's not strictly in keeping with the project but sometimes there are dresses you just have to draw. I hope I do them some kind of justice. (By the way the other dresses are Amanda Wakeley and Burberry)

On a last note, sometimes, you draw image after image just to get them done, and then sometimes you spend ages on one, because it's important to get a vision across. I think this was the case when I did my title page for 'The Tribe'.

Friday, 19 November 2010


Here are some images I couldn't fit into the last post, we have a mixture of Julien Mcdonald, Matthew Williamson, Luella and Fashion East. I may actually get round to putting up some final images sometime over the weekend, though I am far from mastering photoshop, I have a few images that could pass for book pages. But once their done only 30 more pages to go! Oh dear....

p.s I've realised that my images are slightly elongated and thats because they scan in as landscape and I have to rotate them to portrait to upload onto here. But hopefully my final pages will all be regular sized.

Pick and Mix

Here are some more images fresh off the scanner! Again I should probably organise these into their respective themes, but I'l have to wait until all my photo shopping is done so it's clearer to you lovely people. So the designers (all 2011 S/S) in order of appearance are: Julien Mcdonald, Amanda Wakeley and Christopher Kane. I'm using the Amanda Wakeley dress and the skull for the tribal theme, whereas the rest will be part of my 'Ethereal' collection. As always, please leave me any thoughts or advice on these.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Here's a few more Alice drawings, a play on the white rabbit, queen of hearts etc. They need a bit of tweaking (proportion issues) but I thought I'd put them up anyway so here you go. I've been having computer issues recently and man have they been doing my head in, re-installing windows etc, but I'm now on the photo shopping stage of the project, and I will be putting some up when I finally do one that isn't completely amateurish, no guesses on when that will be I'm afraid....

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Flowers and other themes.

Here's a bit of a jumble of themes, Underwater, Floral and then a few just general images which will probably also find their way into the book! Let me know what you think...

Through The Looking Glass

Themes part 2, the beginnings of my 'Alice' theme (Yes obvious choice I know but I love it!) and a few catwalk appearances.

The Tribe

Well I did try to put all the themes in one post but it got very confusing, so I'm dedicating a post per theme/collection of drawings. So bear in mind these are initial drawings hot from the scanner and have yet to be jazzed up with backgrounds and other things to make them more exciting, but please let me know what you think. The theme I've developed furthest will be my first 'Chapter' of my book entitled 'The Tribe' inspired by Henry Holland's Pocahontas-esque dresses.

New Beginnings..

So now its time to show you all the workings of my new project.When we were given another 'write your own brief project' I knew exactly where to start. In my final year the with the penultimate project, I decided to be a bit self indulgent, and I set myself the brief of creating a fashion lookbook, showcasing my illustration. I also want to develop how to best advertise garments, so I decided drawing inspiration from London Fashion Week 2011, I chose garments that I wanted to draw, some were challenging some were just a bit self indulgent. So designers such as Henry Holland, Matthew Williamson and Sass and Bide are now my inspirations. So like with photoshoots, I decided the best way to develop my drawings would be to create themes, inspired by the trends of LFW, so Henry Holland's fringing set up my tribal theme and Julien Mcdonald's floaty dresses inspired an under water theme, more detail to come on my themes once I have developed them further. But these are some sketches I did at the beginning (apologies for the lack of cropping) more to come.....

Monday, 1 November 2010


So as an apology for neglecting my little blog, here's a post dedicated to this. After a turbulent summer of sadness, I found out a couple of weeks ago I was finally diagnosed with Lupus, for those who don't know, its an auto immune disease which affects almost everything I do. But the good news is although its not curable it is treatable, and I look forward to my medicine kicking in. The only downside is these last few months it has affected my ability to get my work done, so being behind with uni and my blog is a bit lame. But I'm more determined then ever to get my work done and draw everyday so fingers crossed for the next year, lets hope it goes smoothly.

The bird above is a very important drawing, in memory of someone very special. Love to you all.

The Encore

Seeing as there's a limit to the number of images I can attach to each post, here is an encore post, featuring some more of my final images mixed in with a few development ones, as ever if you would like to express an opinion, please do let me know what you think!