Monday, 31 January 2011

Something New

Hey all. Well I was hoping my next post would actually be pictures of my book but I can't upload those yet due to camera issues so instead here are some new sketches. I spoke to my tutor today and he basically told me I need to do way more observational drawing, so from now on people, if you see me I will be drawing you. He equated it to learning the piano and the practice people put into that, which reminds me of my sister, who is a professional musician at 16, she spends ages playing everyday, so now that is me, I will be a drawing machine. The only thing standing in my way is the small issue of a dissertation, but lets not think about that. Anyway these are sketches for one of the many (i hope) books I will make for my final major project. A bit of an extension from the last one, based on the tribal theme, I took it further by studying some of Mcqueen's newest designs from S/S 2011. Truly gorgeous dresses, which run along with my tribal theme. I want this book to be edgier and I'm really getting into drawing different hairstyles, the shaven head look and the two tone colour are ones I particularly like. Although they end up looking a bit like a certain rapper, prizes for guessing who...

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Front And Back

Here are the index pages I did, correlating the designer and my drawings, along with a foreword (like they do in real books!) and I made a cover, as it turns out, hardback covers have to be black with the book makers I went to. Boo.

The Finals Part III

Here's the updated snow queen images. All done and dusted now, just need to sort out that dam portfolio now!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Finals Part II

Ok so here's some more Alice drawings, also forgot to say it may be last minute but there may be still some time to change things if any of you think there's something that needs changing please let me know!

The Finals Part I

Well I feel I should upload the rest of my completed images now I've finished creating the book (just the small issue of actually finding somewhere to print it out now!) and also I've got very paranoid that now I've finished my untrustworthy technology will find a way of wiping all my work just days from the hand in. So I'm uploading it onto the trusty interweb, so I'l know where to find it forever...... So these are ones that I've changed or one's I haven't uploaded before, part one: The Tribe......