Sunday, 9 May 2010

Stills of a world.

Well these are some of the stills from the animatic soon to be animation. The narrative is (hopefully) self explanatory, but really I wanted to use this opportunity to experiment a bit, speed things up and slow things down, and get comfortable drawing on A4 again (i tend to prefer bigger space to draw on, I find A4 a bit restricting.) I had a few challenges with software etc, the problem I find in animation, is somethings always about to go wrong, and after you've tried everything to fix it, it's always the simplest problem you've 0verlooked. I wish I could say I wouldn't be tempted to do more animation for my next projects. But that would be a lie. Despite my technological incompetence, Il be back in that small, dark animation room next term!

All around a world.

So for my investigation into my world, I had a vision of a sepia tone vintage, organic world, populated by just one person. It's untouched and natural, yet comes to an end. And before I started drawing my animation, I had to get down on paper the vision I had. And these are some of the sketches I did for it.

4 Minute World...

Well this is the animatic, finally. After several weeks of constant fights with technology and numerous steps backwards it's finally finished. So for those of you who may not know, an animatic is what you would present to a client before you complete an animation. So it usually has a still image for every 10 seconds of film to show your intentions animation-wise. Well seeing as I did begin my animation, I've tried to Jazz it up a bit by adding some moving images, otherwise it can be quite tedious. So my aim with this 'Animation/ic' was to come up with a narrative based on a piece of music, while developing my skills in animation and being in general more experimental. So over the summer, on the advice of tutors I will be recording my animation using DSLR's which is better quality to capture pencil drawings then the software I've been using. So Il be updating this blog with my progress on it, it might take a while but hopefully it will be worth it. So please let me know what you think guys. Any words of advice would be welcome.

Who lives in a house like this?

This is my final layout for the dolls house Ted Baker project. The actual house looks a lot better then in this image but it gets across the layout of what the shop window would look like. Overall I'm pleased with the house, it's quite big in scale and it's my first step into 3d model making. I will be adding more detailed photographs of the interior and the finished thing soon.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Times up.

Its been far too long everybody. I am apologising for my distinct lack of posting. My only explanation is the load of uni work combined with various illness and trips away. But anyway, better late then never. This is a still from my animatic and eventually animation to be. Im basically creating a narrative style music video, I found a lovely piece of piano music, very eerie and spooky, and came up with a narrative, and tentatively entitled it '4 Minute World', the basic story is a world is created and subsequently disappears within the 4 minutes of music. Because I'm using lightbox animation (thats not the technical term!) 4 Minutes of animation is very ambitious, so it will be continued into the summer, and for my deadline I will be presenting an Animatic, which in the illustration world I'm told, is what I would present to the client before embarking on the full animation. So it will be completed this week, and I will be uploading it on here, fingers crossed by Friday. Also I will be adding some images of my completed 'Ted Baker Dolls house' which are overdue. Until then I will be glued to my lightbox, re-acquainting myself to the Black Keys, just in time for their Glastonbury set. I. Cant. Wait!