Monday, 28 March 2011

150 Drawings Later..

And I've finally started working on my final images. These are a little preview, there going to change (hopefully for the better) but I'm starting to find the style I want and actually started enjoying it! Lots and lots to do, it's just dawning on me how little time is left, and how much I don't want to leave. But I've been a bit obsessed over the past week, I've started having dreams about photoshop needless to say I'm looking forward to my easter break. And if anyone would give me some feedback I'd be grateful...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Coming Soon

To the casual observer I have not been uploading as much as I should these past few weeks. Well this is all because I had a very bright idea, why be restricted by the small page of an A3 paper when I could be working on A2? Well it took a while to click, that there is no A2 scanner in uni, or indeed London/the world, so I will be booking the photography studio in order to edit these images for my book. Good times. So once they are done, they will be uploaded for your viewing pleasure, until then, I'l just be uploading any little pointless sketches. Be well.


I really haven't updated in a good while. So I'm uploading everything from the past few weeks in all there unorganised glory. First of lets start with some cheekiness, which involved me replacing many wonderful fashion editorials, with my own illustration for my professional practice module in an effort to make my illustration look real and like it might actually belong in the real world. Fingers crossed! Editorials/articles and the odd cover taken from Lula Mag, Dazed and Confused, Elle magazine etc. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


My first sequence. Very simple. But hopefully I'l have many more by the end of next week.

Part III

Well this is the last of my drawing development, now it's time to focus on final imagery and narrative for the book. I've started to include more observational drawing in my images but it's early stages and I've got loads more drawing to do, good times.