Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dressing up.

Here's a break from my project seeing as it's a special love day, here are some examples of my loves. They are dresses I cant afford. A.s.o.s is a dangerous site to visit when your loan is dwindling, so I decided to draw them instead and mix them with some pretty patterns.

Miniature models

Here are the first of my teeny tiny dolls house models. Needless to say they are a little bit fiddly and require a lot of care in assembling, and this can be frustrating. Anyway, after an inspiring trip to the V&A museum of childhood, I was filled with enough nostalgia (from admiring their dolls house collection) to start on my own 3d models. At the moment I'm really experimenting with patterns and style, and next I'm moving onto characters who will inhabit the house. Iv tried to keep the patterns similar to the style I have seen inside the Ted Baker shops, so traditional but with a trendy edge. So onwards with the project, hopefully next week I will be back with some cool characters for you! Fingers crossed...

Saturday, 13 February 2010

We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

So for my new project we are entering real life competitions, and the one I've entered is designing a window campaign for Ted Baker. The brief wants us to combine 'the Britishness of the brand' along with the traditional English sense of humour. So after a few weeks of soul searching I landed upon my idea of creating oversized victorian dolls houses, with characters inside, and I bring in the humour through the characters (they will be partying in the house!) Anyway as yet I have no concrete work to put other then my experimentation for my mood board, but I will be back with some 3d prototypes very soon, as we have been told to document our project on our blogs, so I will now be writing very grown up posts just incase my teachers are reading.... (these images are a result of 3 weeks inside my sketchbook and a new grasp of photoshop)