Monday, 7 December 2009

The final one

So the final animation has been done, although the title may be misleading, as this is indeed my final animation but there is no sound. Which is a shame because my very talented sister Zoe composed a piece especially for the animation, which was amazing, so hopefully I will be able to upload the sound separately or find an actual version of the animation complete with sound! The final DVD is what I'm proudest of, is complete with DVD menu with images from the animation, is only compatible with Macs unfortunately. So the animation took a total of 5 weeks from start to finish, 150 drawings for all of 30 seconds. Although the film is short and shaky at times, I am pleased I completed my first animation and I look forward to doing many more (hopefully longer). So the story is that this would be a fashion film for a website or advertising purposes, and I based it on an Alexander Mcqueen dress from his 2007 spring/summer collection, in which the dress is constructed entirely from flowers. And the candle part was just part of my experimentation (see earlier post) so overall I hope to be posting a few more animations on here, so I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. hey tach,

    this is great! like you say, tis a shame about the sound, although I imagine that is brilliant as well. I like the effect that everything is kind of moving.

    Have you ever seen a film called waking life? it's got some of the coolest animation I've ever seen, they use Rotoscoping to draw over films and turn them into animations.

    Hope you're well. x

  2. Hey Luke, Thank you! I'm proud of it even though it is only small! I will look that film up, sounds cool, I definitely intend to do some more animating.
    Hope your good, and maybe see you around sometime at xmas? xxxx