Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Time to get back to work

After a long, long summer, of relaxing, holidaying and basically neglecting work and blog, it's time to get back to things. And it's straight in the deep end. I'm working on a project which involves finding a place for your illustration within the industry, the point of the project is to keep illustration relevant, with photography replacing all the things Illustration was once used for. With my drawings I always imagined creating an digitally illustrated catwalk, I'm doing this by animating my drawings (on a very basic level as I am a complete animation novice) I was inspired McQueen's Kate Moss hologram way back when. Designers are always competing with their catwalks, finding new ways to make sure their clothes are photographed. So having just begun the project I only have some very basic sketches to illustrate my ideas so far. My vision is having my sketches animated on screen, by photographing my drawing after every line is drawn and eventually after editing it into a film. By the end of November I will have the finished product up here, but in the meantime these are the sketches I have done in preparation.

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