Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snake Charming...

So I have a fascination with snakes. It's a weird obsession, but really, I can't explain it, I love the creatures, and My jewellery collection backs this up. So a few weeks ago, while rushing through the last minute christmas shopping, I spotted them. Beautiful opaque tights with exotic gold snakes winding their way down the manikin's legs (the ones pictured above are in blue but just as lovely). I was in love. So I immediately enquired the price. Well, £45 was the price, and as much as it pained me, a faithful primark girl, I had to walk away. Knowing how clumsy I am , I would have laddered those tights in seconds, and sent £45 of my student loan down the drain. So instead I dream, trapped in my Northumberland home town, with the 8 inches of snow that has held me hostage for the past 3 weeks, I dream of them, and in an effort to procrastinate further from my deadline I have drawn them. One day we may be reunited, until then, I dream......


  1. get a silk screen made up, use your drawing and make them yourself! you divvy. ;P x

  2. True, I should solve the problem creatively! and thanks bex!